Your friend for sobriety using your wearables

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PreHab Life™

Empowering Lives, Preventing Crisis.

We are on a mission to disrupt the traditional rehab industry and redefine the way we approach addiction support.
The Rehab Industry Is Ready For Change
With a shockingly low 3-5% success rate, the industry has stagnated for over 50 years.
Prevention Over Crisis
We intervene before rock bottom with data-driven App created by compassionate professionals.
PreHab Life™

A new way to use wearables during recovery.

Seamless wearables connection

Connect your Oura Ring or Apple Watch effortlessly to our app for real-time addiction-related biometric monitoring.

Immediate support alerts

Your supporters receive instant alerts when changes in your biometrics suggest alcohol consumption so they can check in and offer timely support during recovery.

Reminder Appointment

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PreHab Life™

A new paradigm in addiction support

Start your recovery with your wearables

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